Frozen Yogurt Industry Supports CPM Dairy


Cattles are the backbone of the dairy industry which is why they are considered as one of the most productive livestock. The dairy market, which includes milk and ice cream manufacturing, and frozen yogurt franchise, being lucrative businesses, have attracted ample cattle farmers who raise the stock to earn more income. They produce milk which is mostly used to manufacture things such as milk, butter,cheese and yogurt. Here is the list of other food ingredients and nutritional products the dairy market produces. Although the dairy industry is showing promising profits, the process of raising quality cattle demands tremendous efforts from cattle raisers. The success of these businesses depends directly upon the efforts of the cattle farmers. To help farmers raise quality cattle, the Center for Animal Health and Productivity was established to implement teaching, research and service programs centered on the improvement of health and productivity in food animal herds and flocks. Aside from their expertise in conventional veterinary practices, various programs with integrated approach were developed such as clinical nutrition, reproduction, and health economics. The most recent development is the CPM (Cornell-Penn-Miner ) Dairy, a software created help manage farm productivity. It is programmed in Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft C platform . It is an applied mathematical nutrition model that computes dairy cattle requirements and the supply of energy and nutrients based on characteristics of the animal, the environment and the physicochemical composition of the feeds under diverse production scenarios. The CPM Dairy program systematically predicts milk production at the farm level when appropriate animal characterization, feed composition and feed intake are provided. With this technology in farming, especially in cattle raising, farmers can better manage the operational performance of the farm. The use of technology enables the farm manager to increase output per unit of input and create additional profit, empowering the business to survive and prosper in an ever competitive marketplace.

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